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The Organizing Committee invites paper presenters (oral or poster presentations) to submit their abstracts for review by the Academic Working Committee.  Paper presenters should indicate the theme/sub-theme of their presentations.


The closing date for the submission of abstracts (in soft copy format) is 15 June 2009.  Paper presenters are required to submit their full paper (refer to guidelines for submission of full paper) after receiving notification of acceptance of abstracts from the Secretariat, ICTLHE09.

Guidelines for submission of abstracts:
 All paper presenters must register before submitting abstracts.


The official language of the Conference is English or Bahasa Malaysia. Abstracts must be submitted in English. The length of abstract should not exceed one A4 size page in a Microsoft Word file using Times New Roman font type size 12 with single spacing.


Abstract title must be in CAPITAL letters. Do not indent. Author and co-authors names, institutions, cities and countries are to be typed below the title. List each author by institution, city and country. Do not include educational qualifications [degrees] or professional titles (PhD, Prof., etc.). List the email address of the main author.


Leave a one-line space between the title/author block and the body of the abstract.


Abstracts should be concise, informative and should contain the objectives, methods, results and conclusions of research.


Tables, graphs and other types of images and references, acknowledgements or grant support should not be included in the abstracts.


Submit the abstract to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Please make sure that you select the theme(s) of your abstract as listed.

As accepted papers will be published in the Conference proceedings, authors are required to submit their full paper in the format determined by the Secretariat.
Guidelines for Submission of Full Papers

(Papers must be original and unpublished work and must be submitted to ICTLHE09 only).


Publication: The full paper to the maximum 15 pages will be published in Conference Proceedings.


Conference Language: The official language of the Conference is English and Bahasa Malaysia and the full paper must be written in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Paper Organisation: The full paper should consist of the following:
Title: The title should clearly indicate the subject of the paper as briefly as possible.
Author’s Name
Country: The country where the author currently resides in.

The introduction informs the reader with respect to the paper and should include the nature, background, purpose and the significance of the paper.


The body contains the primary message of the paper in detail. The author should focus on the object and communicate information efficiently and effectively to the reader.


The conclusion should cover the results, significance, limitations and advantage.


Graphic or supplementary information may be included in one or more appendices.


The reference section should appear at the end of the paper. Citation should be complete and correct.

Paper Format:  

The full paper should be prepared in Microsoft Word format with page set up to A4 (210 x 297 mm) size paper.

Page Layout: The full paper should be in one-column format and single spacing.

The full paper should not exceed 15 pages. The page limit includes tables, figures, graphs, illustrations, appendices and reference.

Page Setup: It should have the following margin settings:-
Top 2.5 cm
Bottom 2.5 cm

Left 1.75 cm

Right 1.75 cm

All text paragraphs must be justified.

Typeface/Font size: The typeface is “Times New Roman” and size is “12”. The paper title should be typed in block letters of size “14”, all headings and subheadings should be in bold and the size should be “12”.

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

General Aim and Format

A poster is a graphical approach to presenting research. It is a means for generating active discussion of the research.  The text should be limited to about 25% of the poster space (594 mm x 841 mm) and the remaining space is to be filled with visuals (graphs, photographs, schematics, maps, etc.) to describe the research.

Design and layout specifications:
1. The space allocated for each poster presentation is A1 size (594 mm x 841 mm)

2. Orientate your poster board in the “portrait” position (vertical orientation).

3. Prepare a banner displaying your poster title, name, institution and place it at the top-centre of the board.

4. Number your panels or draw arrows to indicate the progressive view of your poster.


Time & Calendar

Keynote Speakers

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